200.0 Inc Vat


  • Full HD1080p 60fps (1/2.8 inch,2MP, Full HD 1920*1080p video resolution, high-quality images with up to 60fps, vividly present any expression and movement, and enjoy a smooth live broadcast experience).
  • TOF fast focus (Built-in TOF laser ranging module, combined with advanced algorithms, fast, accurate, and stable focusing, designed for live broadcasting).
  • 10x optical zoom (Support 10x lossless zoom, easily show more details).
  • USB 3.0 Type B, HDMI dual interface (Support USB 3.0 and HDMI dual interface to output 1080P 60fps video signal at the same time).
  • Support multiple recording styles (Whether it is beauty, jewelry or clothing, more scenes and styles can be switched at will).
  • Various video compression standards (Support YUY2, MJPG, H.264 video compression formats).
  • Low Noise and High SNR (Super high SNR image is achieved with low noise CMOS. Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology further reduces the noise while ensuring high image clarity).
  • All aluminum alloy body (Made of all-metal aluminum alloy, it shows the quality of the product)